Knowledge is Bliss

Baburao Hadpad, 55 years, though has small land, he was ignorant of farming techniques. He used to do agriculture in his farm in an old traditional way. The agriculture output was also very less and was not sufficient even for his family. Sholapur area has very rain. So he has put a bore, but the water from that bore was also not sufficient. So the family had income problems, though they had land.

He stays with his 2 sons, a daughter and a wife. Elder son studied till 9th std and left his studies. He is now working in the farm. Younger son is in 10th std. His daughter is married. His wife is working in the others’ farm as a farm labor. They are very poor and living in poverty.

CSS has started 2009-2011 program in Akkalkot. In 2010 there were meetings held for farmers regarding farming and agriculture. Baburao Hadpad actively participated in the meetings and like everyone he too gained knowledge on ways of effective farming. He also gained knowledge on how to utilize effectively his 12000 sqft land by visiting CSS’s Social forestry model. On his farm he started producing vegetables, fruits, gram, etc. He also started using organic farming instead of costly chemical fertilizers. Thus he was able to increase the output in his agricultural land and also control the expenses through organic farming.

He said that he is very happy and will be working hard more and generate more income and says that he is utilizing his own land to generate income, instead of working as labor in somebody else’s farm.HE said he liked the social forestry model. Through CSS, he gained knowledge on how to produce crops in an effective way in a short span of time.

Santosh Gaikwad is the Development Officer at Akkalkot who is looking after this project.