One Meeting Changed My Life

Mane Gaon is one of the small villages in Sangola Taluka, Sholapur district in Maharashtra State. This is a remote area with absolutely no facilities and neglected by Government too. This area also has less water level, so farming is also a big problem.

Mr Sadashiv Tukaram Bhajanwale is staying in this area with his wife and four children. He has his own land. Since there is no water facility in that area he cannot sow any crop in his farm. This way though he has land, he and his family is under below poverty line.

In year 2009 there were many meetings organized by Covenant Social Service. Many farmers shared their problems and difficulties in that area. Mr. Sadashiv also participated in CSS meetings and told his problem. CSS staff analysed the problem and helped him to clean his well and used some of the advance technology to get the water from his well. After working hard they could find lot of water in that well. Mr. Sadashiv started sowing seeds in his farm and started agriculture. His financial condition started improving gradually. Now his entire family is benefitted just with one meeting.

Today we can see many happy faces of farmers who benefitted due to CSS intervention at Mane Gaon.