Sangram Sanjay Jadhav’s Land turns into Gold

Mr. Sangram Sanjay Jadhav is living in Village Kasegaon, South Solapur since 30 years. He has to take care of ten members in his family. He has a small piece of land in the village and got very less income from this land. Every year the income decreased and production cost was increased and it became difficult for him to survive. One day he attended the village meeting conducted by CSS. He met the CSS team and told about his situation in his field.

He expressed his willingness to use his land in a profitable way and he showed interest in starting vermi-compost to reduce the production cost. CSS team trained him in vermi-compost and also provided a vermi-culture and vermi-compost bed. Then he started to produce vermi-compost in his field with agriculture waste.

Now he is producing his own manure for his field. The purchasing and production cost is decreased and he is able to earn good income from the same land. Till today he produced 6 tons of vermi-compost. This year he earned Rs. 35000/- from crop production and Rs. 2000/- from vermi-culture sale. With organic manure he now produces good quality agriculture produce.

He is very thankful to CSS to bring a drastic change in his life.