Laxmibai’s confidence – United we STAND, together we CAN

Laxmibai who is 48 years, got married at a young age to an old man. She stays in Sanjeevnagar slums in Gulbarga District. Her husband cannot work as he is old now. Laxmibai has five children who are very young. The burden of the house is on her shoulders.

She joined a Woman’s Self Help Group initiated by CSS while she worked as a day laborer. She took a loan from the group and started a small business of selling vegetables. Now she has repaid the loan and is running the small business successfully. She is also able to send her children to school. Joining the group has brought about a great change in her life. She is now able to earn and take care of her husband and children. She thanks the CSS team and promises to help other needy women like her. The groups initiated by CSS are instrumental in empowering deprived and helpless women like Laxmibai.