Chandrakala’s problems grilled by the flour mill

Chandrakala who is 37 years, was born in a poor farmer family. Her parents had to look after 3 children. It was very difficult to give them education & take care of their basic needs. Though Chandrakala was a clever & bright student she had to stop her education after she completed 7th standard. Her parents got her married to a poor laborer. Now she stays in Bhambewadi village in Sholapur. She worked with her husband in the fields but at the same time she was very enthusiastic & managed to attend women’s groups.

She also came to know about the CSS women’s self help group, which was started in her place. She started attending the meetings & the training programs organized by the same. By attending the meetings, she came to know about the banks which give loans to start a small scale business. She consulted the bank manager who had come to give them the information. She forwarded a proposal for starting a flour mill as there was none in her place. Her self help group members helped her in all the possible ways. Bank sanctioned the loan of Rs. 25000/- by which she could buy a grinding mill. As there were no grinding mills in the village, her business flourished within a year & she could refund the bank loan & she also bought the machines required for grinding chillies.

She is very thankful to CSS for organizing such women empowerment programs give direction to stand on one’s own feet and lead a successful and happy life.