Ushadevi’s Journey through the Milky Way

Mrs. Usha Devi is a 33 years old woman, who used to work as a farm labour along with her husband. She stays in Sharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Her family is poor and it was very difficult for them to even feed their children and themselves. As this is not enough, Usha Devi had a brain disease.

The family was in deep trouble. They sold their buffalo which was the only source of their income when there is no work in the village. They sold their buffalo for a very cheap price. All the money was spent to cure Usha Devi. They sold their household items too. Her husband’s lone earnings as a farm labor were not sufficient to feed the family. One day Usha Devi’s brother told her about Covenant Social Service. Usha Devi approached CSS and told her story. CSS reacted and visited her house. CSS found the family in a very poor condition and provided the family with a buffalo. They sell the milk and earn livelihood. Today their income level has raised and the family is living happily.

Mrs. Usha Devi thanked CSS for the new life that was given by CSS. She says she’ll pray for all the Dalit women like her to overcome the poverty and vulnerable conditions that they are living in.