Nagaveni Thogari - A Young Woman Tailoring Her Life

Miss Nagaveni Thogari is a 20 year old woman who studied up to the 3rd standard and then had to drop out. She has four younger sisters and one younger brother. They don’t have any land or property but have twenty goats. The children are shepherds and must look after the goats. Her father is a drunk, and her mother has to work on other people’s farms to support the family. Nagaveni not only had to help take care of her younger sisters and brother at home but also has had to work in the fields since she was 10 years old.  

Nagaveni was able to go through the one year training program at the tailoring centre in Venkat Bennur. She worked hard and is now able to earn Rs.50 to 60 a day for her family’s food and clothes. Her new skills have increased her status in the community. She has gained respect and feels pride in her ability to provide for her family. She loves that she does not have to work for anyone else and is very thankful for this new life she has been given.