In 2007 Rev. Jayprakash & Rev. Sachin joined HCC for fulltime ministry. Over these years they have received national & interna-tional exposures and trainings to carry on the ministry entrusted to them. They thank God, who is using them for His Kingdom through St. Andrews Church Pune.

They pray that the Lord may help and guide them to increase spiritual activities in the church for youth, women and children. They also envision and pray that the membership of St. Andrew'€™s congregation reaches 5000.

Church Hall Inaugurated


Glory to God! for a Church Hall is now ready for the members of Hindustani Church at Sundargarh, Orissa for worship and fellowship. All these years, shades of trees and houses of believers were used as places for worship and fellowship. But, now they proudly speak about their own church. This Church Hall was inaugurated with the auspicious presence of Rev. Bertil Svensson, and Mr. Thomas Bjoersdorff from Uniting Churches in Sweden and Rev. S. C David from HCC.



Mina Pawra, is a 9 year old girl, but studies in class one (standard one). Her classmates are 6 years of age. But in spite of the age difference, she is not ashamed to learn in the class with children much younger to her.

Mina and her parents are happy and thankful to the staff in Chopda, because Mina going to school is a great achievement and reason of joy for the family. Parents express that, education of Mina seemed impossible for them, but it is now made possible by the efforts of the Church. Mina will not face the disrespect from the neighbours; they faced all of their lives. She will not have to work as a daily wage labourer, as they are forced to do.

A focused learning seminar was organized for HCC Pastors & Development staffs at Caritas, Goa. Experts from three different backgrounds and experiences, facilitated the learning sessions. There were opportunities for the pastors and staff to share their ministry experiences and learning. Over all it was an investment for strategic development of the Church.

News Letter

Happiness Added

April-May 2014


Surendra lives in a village named Kapraul in Bihar. Recently he bought a cycle-rickshaw with the micro loan amount received from CSS/CWR. He works hard as long as possible everyday. He earns 300 to 350 rupees per day. It is more than he can think of. He is happy, because he is able to provide basic needs of his family of seven members.

Our House


I am Meena Devi. We live in Kapraol village, in Bihar We are very poor. My husband hardly gets regular job. We have a house made of mud & thatch. Thus, my whole family is forced to spend many nights under one umbrella inside our house during monsoon.

But, Government of India has promised to construct a beautiful house for us with a provision of Rs. 75000. My family is really happy these days & I am grateful to CSS who supported me & linked me to Government to own a wonderful house.