Story of Mohammad Asif Sheikh

Mohammad is a eleven year old boy staying in Govandi since the last six years. His father is working in a dump yard for sorting the garbage. Mohammad also started following his father and his father thought this was the best option for him he also encouraged him to join the same work. Mohammad was earning 60 to 80 per so family was also happy for it and Mohammad was also getting some money out of it as pocket money. But behind this he was losing his childhood life and education. HCC staff came to know about Mohammad and his life and we had talk with his parents and made them understand about his future, but they were not happy to send him to school. After continuous visitation and counselling, Mohammad's parents agreed to send him to school. Mohammad found difficulties in the beginning of the school but later he was the first one and most energetic and enthusiastic boy to join the non-formal school. Mohammad has continued the school for last three months but his parents has seen drastic changes in his life. So they are co-operating with our staff for sending Mohammad for joining regular school.  Mohammad will join regular school in the month of June, and as per his grasping power we will try to upgrade him to the next class.