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How we work

Our goal is to empower the most poverty-stricken and vulnerable in their journey to a life full of dignity, justice, peace and hope.

Development is about improving the quality of life and ensuring that everyone has the choice in what that life looks like.

Good development should be lead by those living in poverty and should tackle the inter-related causes of poverty.

CSS works for long-term change and not quick-fixes. We aim at making a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes. We believe in connecting people within the developing communities, so that they can support each other and create a network to campaign for justice in developing communities to bring about a change.

Current Projects

Addressing poverty related issues affecting women and children: Sitamarhi, Bihar

  • Ensuring empowerment of women and the poor families in order to bring about a positive improvement.
  • Addressing and ensuring the development of children aged 3-12 and adolescent girls.

Rehabilitation of displaced tribal and dalit families: Kandhmal District, Orissa

  • Advocating for displaced and needy families to help bring about their upliftment, by helping them avail compensation and schemes offered by the Govt.
  • Empowering women and ensuring growth and development of children in the district.

Empowerment of children, youth and women: Kashmir

  • Providing holistic care to children from the ages of 3-12, to aid in their development
  • Enhancing the economic condition of youth and women by providing them with skills to help them attain a sustainable livelihood.

Rehabilitation of Commercial Sex Workers: Pune, Maharashtra

  • Rescuing women who are trafficked
  • Providing rehabilitation and income generation services to help continually support them in their life's journey.