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Quick facts that you would like to know about CSS

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CSS?
CSS is a church based organization (CBO) addressing poverty and its related issues like health, education, ecology and human rights; and empowering the communities by creating a meaningful change in the lives of the most vulnerable people & community.

2. How long has CSS been working?
CSS has over a decade of experience in providing humanitarian assistance and development work. Despite India’s strides forward as a developing country, millions still go hungry today without the resources to make a decent living. Underlying this contradiction are the issues are unequal access and discrimination. Therefore, much of CSS's work is focused on developing lasting solutions to poverty by strengthening the most vulnerable populations. CSS works hand in hand with vulnerable families, especially among women, children and elderly people, to help them access their rights and dignity of life. CSS also works with organizations and institutions to address gaps in critical national policies, programs and services, with a special emphasis on ensuring that they benefit more vulnerable groups.

3. How are CSS's projects funded?
CSS is an independent CBO under HCC having partnership with sister churches in Sweden and the United States, to accomplish its development interventions and humanitarian assistance.

4. Can I donate to CSS?
Yes, you can be a donor to CSS, you will find more details under the Supporting CSS tab. We believe that serving the poorest & neediest is serving GOD and proclaiming GOD’S character.

5. Does CSS provide support for higher education, training and research?
CSS implements a right based approach for community empowerment and have no program or project which sponsors individuals for higher education, training and research.