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The CSS is doing micro-watershed projects at Aurangabad, Aurad, Pandarpur, Magalweda, Akkalkot and North solapur. The locations are in rural areas which receives less rainfall . The target group are marginal farmers. The CSS is working to promote water conservation and increase the soil fertility.

Types of Structure (1) Continuous contour trench (2) Lose boulder bund (3) Gabien structure (4) Earthen/Nalla Bund (5). Cement Check Dam).

The CCT: It is a series of trenches spread on open barren land. Either it is constructed on sloping land or hills. Its purpose is to reduce soil erosion, to increase ground water level, to increase soil fertility and vegetation.

Process of selection of Water Sheds; Topographical area, Poor and marginal farmers, no objection certificate from the beneficiaries and gram panchayat for construction, Large number of field should be benefited and willing to give contribution.


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