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Life in dignity of victims of human trafficking Project Location: Pune and Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India

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Rag Pickers

Wholistic development of rag picker children

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Vyara Project

Tribal communities such as Chaudhary and Gamit living in remote villages of Vyara sub district are entangled in the vicious cycle of poverty, unemployment, migration and illiteracy.

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Combat malnutrition deaths of children through community efforts

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Child Rights

Restoring childhood imparting rights Project Location: Pune and Mumbai, Maharashtra State, India.

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North Solapur

Conservation and management of water for a better living condition, North Solapur

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Mainstreaming rural Kashmiris through peace building and skill development

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The target marginalised Dalits in 30 villages of Kannad and Tuljapur subdistricts have achieved rightful place in society

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