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Project | Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

The effect of global warming has affected the climate adversely in the target geographical area. The lack of water is due to less monsoon, draught and lack of storage facilities like wells, ponds, stream bunds and cement check dams, etc. Also it was observed that they do not have access to clean drinking water as they use water from the ponds where animal or cattle also make use of the same water.

The environmental issues are cause of serious concern for Dalit communities. As majority of them do not own land, they do not have much say when it comes to tree, forest, green cover, etc. Therefore in order to make the development effort with the targeted Dalits group resilient it is important to find ways to cope with the environmental changes.

1.1 Sanitation, health and hygiene issues in target villages:

India is home to 638 million people defecating in the open which causes diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, respiratory infections, skin and eye infections. Unfortunately, defecating in the open is a socially and culturally accepted traditional behavior.

The Dalit communities are outcastes and untouchables as they often do not have access to road, drinking water facilities, electricity, toilet facility, etc. They also do not have proper houses, attached toilets and bathrooms. So many people are forced to defecate in the open.

Environmental as well as health and hygiene situation is grim in Dalit settlements, which are usually outside the village. The waste water usually flows through the streets, which gives rise to the breeding of mosquitoes and causes for other diseases.

The management of garbage in Dalit settlements are also cause of severe illnesses as garbage is dumped on the streets.

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