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watershed projects at Aurangabad, Aurad, Pandarpur, Magalweda, Akkalkot and North solapur. The locations are in rural areas which receives less rainfall . The target group are marginal farmers. The CSS is working to promote water conservation and increase the soil fertility.


Primary beneficiaries of the project are the women who are victimized by human trafficking and are forced into flesh trade at red light area of BudhwarPeth, Pune. CSS sees them in four categories i.e. 1) minor girls who are in flesh trade, 2) young pregnant sex workers, 3) children of commercial sex workers and 4) sex workers who hardly get business any more, but still cannot go out of the bondage on their own.


At the bottom of the waste pyramid, are poorly paid rag pickers. In Mumbai, a city of 16 million inhabitants, rag picking is the only option for thousands. They gather waste in the streets and dump yard and deliver it to middle men. The middle men operate shops and warehouses where it is sorted out according to quality.


The Covenant Social service has handled very successfully the earthquake relief in Latur Osmanabad in 1993, Floods in Pune 1997 and super cyclone in Orissa 1998 and also drought relief work in 1999 in Gujarat, drought relief in Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Maharashtra 2003, Gujarat earthquake 2001 and Tsunami Relief work at Andaman.

Odissa Cyclone Relief

At least 65 people have died by Fani in Odisha, a teenager was killed after being hit by a falling tree. One woman died when she was hit by flying debris, and another died of a heart attack while in a cyclone shelter the cyclone adversely affected electricity supply and telecommunication in several coastal areas of Odisha. After the cyclone, Odisha required ₹17,000 crore (US$2.46 billion) for rebuilding the infrastructure.

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