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Project |Odissa Cyclone Relief

Odissa Cyclone Relief

I.The Background:

At least 65 people have died by Fani in Odisha, a teenager was killed after being hit by a falling tree. One woman died when she was hit by flying debris, and another died of a heart attack while in a cyclone shelter the cyclone adversely affected electricity supply and telecommunication in several coastal areas of Odisha. After the cyclone, Odisha required ₹17,000 crore (US$2.46 billion) for rebuilding the infrastructure. Cyclone Fani, which made landfall in Puri, Kandhmal, Kurda with a wind speed of up to 240 kmph on May 3, has also left at least 241 people injured. Medical Camps – 03 were organised in three village on 25th , 26 and 27th of May 2019.

II. The Immediate Relief Provided by CSS:

A. Medical Camps: The Covenant Social Service has organised three medical camps on 25th , 26th and 27th of May 2019 in following three villages of Kandhmal.

Sr. No. Village Name Beneficiaries
1 Kritangya Village in Kandhmal 245
2 Gosaguda village of Kandhmal 226
3 Drepanga Village of kandhmal 265

B. Trauma Counselling: In above three villages of Kandhmal

Sr. No. Village Name Beneficiaries
1 Kritangya Village in Kandhmal 124
2 Gosaguda village of Kandhmal 85
3 Drepanga Village of kandhmal 151

C. Team of Medical

  • Dr. Laxmi prasad Mahaptra
Paramedics Disaster Mitigation Team Female Volunteer
Naresh Nayak Pastor Manoj Kumar Nayak Ms. Ratnamoni Nayak
Wilkeshan Nayak Gidon Nayak Ms. Parvathi Nayak
Shyam Sunder Nayak Kadmel Nayak Ms. Manoshi Pradhan
Linton Nayak Ms. Manorama Nayak
Manyavar Nayak
Sunil Nayak
Bapi Nayak


The Medical team and the Disaster Mitigation team has done commendable work in providing immediate medical relief and trauma counselling on war footing basis. The CSS needs much more support and help to provide assistance to the cyclone affected people.

Rev. Dr. Shekhar Singh -CSS Office
Mr. Shikhar Deep - CSS Office

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