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Project | Maharashtra Flood Relief

Maharashtra Flood Relief

Location: Districts of Kolhapur, Sangli, and Satara area are in the south-western region of Maharashtra state, which saw large areas flooded, houses and roads damaged and lakhs of people displaced.

Background:Krishna river, which is the lifeline of western Maharashtra, the same river has wreaked havoc in the districts it flows through. Between August 1st and August 10th, rains battered south-western Maharashtra, and rising water levels in local rivers breached the banks. As water levels rose after the heavy rainfall, almost all the dams started discharging water and situation went out of control.

Monsoon Fury: In Maharashtra, the death toll increased to 100+ on Monday, including 17 who drowned after a boat capsized near Brahmanal village in Sangli on Thursday. As on Sunday, more than one million people people were evacuated from flood-hit areas, adding that 761 villages in 69 talukas have been affected by floods.

Affected HCC Churches and Congregation:
This massive flood affected Eleven congregations and groups of the Hindustani Covenant Church. Local HCC congregation from Kurundwad, Tasgaon, Sangli, and nearby villages where HCC have their small congregations, have lost lives, houses, crops, household belongings, communication and transportation system. People were suffered of Snakes and scorpion bite, because there was water everywhere and no place to take shelter. Church Buildings were also damaged because, inside the building water level was 4 feet. Affected people were shifted to relief shelters and safe places. People were in immediate need of cooked food, Drinking water, medicines, shelters and lifesaving material.

TARGET GROUP / Need Analysis:
Target group will be 2000-2500 families, whose members are people affected by the flood in Kolhapur, Sangli and Nearby areas where HCC has churches. Selection Criteria of beneficiaries is that they have lost in flood their houses and all their belongings. Socio-economic status of the beneficiaries is that they are daily labourer in the affected region.

Initiative Carried out by the Hindustani Covenant Church:
Based on the above need analysis the Hindustani Covenant Church has started provision of cooked food, drinking water, medicines and other materials which are essential to save lives

Immediate Relief:

1.Dry Ration
2. Relief Kit
3. Supply of Medicines
4. Medical Camps
5. Counselling

Reporting from Ground Zero (Kolhapur and Sangli) along with HCC local staff

Shikhar Samuel Deep
Disaster Mitigation Team

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