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CSW Project

The goal of the project is to restore a life in dignity of victims of human trafficking.

The objectives of the project are:
1. To rescue and rehabilitate women involved in commercial sex works.
2. To provide income generation support to former commercial sex workers.
3. To restore lost childhood of children of commercial sex workers.

Women are rescued from the red light district and rehabilitated at home of hope. It is more of helping these women to take a decision to live a better and independent life. They are given complete support to start a new life outside of the district. They are provided with trainings and micro finances to start living an alternative life. At times they are provided with medical support and counseling. Their children are provided with psychosocial support, given admission in schools and hostels. These all add up to taking the project towards achieving its goals and objectives.

Primary beneficiaries of the project are the women who are victimized by human trafficking and are forced into flesh trade at red light area of BudhwarPeth, Pune. CSS sees them in four categories i.e. 1) minor girls who are in flesh trade, 2) young pregnant sex workers, 3) children of commercial sex workers and 4) sex workers who hardly get business any more, but still cannot go out of the bondage on their own.

CSS staffs have adopted various ways to establish contacts with female sex workers and so far, it has been able to reach out 105 women. During the first half of the year seven girls could be rescued and sheltered at Home of Hope. And during the second half of the year another sixteen girls could be rescued and rehabilitated. Three of those girls are minors and another one of them has two kids at the age of 19.

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